Waste water, Boiler treatment & cooling towers

waste water treatmentLynx Enterprises, Inc. has extensive experience working with water treatment facilities and providing cleaning chemicals for every need. Whether it’s a boiler, cooling tower, descaling or waste water, Lynx has the industrial and environmental experience.

Lynx manufactures a full line of coagulants and flocculants.
Products are designed for:
» Efficient, cost effective coagulation of suspended solids
» Production of higher water quality
» Coagulation in pH range compatible with food processing wastewater treatment procedures
» Minimization of floc carry-over
» Improved, dependable emulsion breaking
» Reduced sludge volume, resulting in lower disposal costs

Lynx has a full product line of water treatment solutions:
» Once Through Cooling Water System Chemicals
» Closed Recirculating Cooling System Chemicals
» Open Recirculating Cooling Water Systems Chemicals
» Algacides
» Closed Loop Heating & Cooling System Corrosion Protection Chemicals
» Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

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