printing press cleaner Lynx offers you a complete line of premier ink cleaning solutions.
Cleaning ink is the science of penetration of the ink and to solublize the ink solution for easy removal. It is important to identify the type of ink to when choosing an ink cleaner. Next is to ensure the cleaning solution is compatible with your printing equipment and to consider the safety of your employees in cleaner choice.

Newer solvent cleaners have slower evaporation rates but have the decided advantages of being biodegradable with zero VOC and high flash point technology. Our Bio Solv is an excellent choice employing this new technology. Soy based inks as well as water miscible inks have led to new water based cleaning technology. Lynx products Ink Buster and D Plus products to meet these needs.
Lynx also provides traditional solvent technology in our low odor Blanket Cleaner. It dries fast while removing ink completely for easy application. This is combined with a delivery and application system envied by the industry.

We can deliver in drums, totes or our Drum-Buster™ mini-bulk tanks. Our state of the art application systems also ensure consistent chemical usage.

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