Metal Finishing Chemicals

metal finishing productsLynx custom formulates for your specific parts cleaning applications.
» Blends of synthetic detergents, emulsifiers, and wetting agents
» Products that can be used in all types of immersion or spray equipment (single step or multi-step systems)
» Cleaners that are safe on all materials
» Phosphatizers suitable for all types of finishes
» Additives that work effectively in hard or soft water

Phosphatizing product lines
» Liquid and Powdered Cleaners - a wide range of cleaners that remove most oils and various soils, rinse completely, and tolerate hard water conditions with controlled foam levels at various temperatures.
» Paint Lok 500 series - Iron phosphates(Moly, SNBS, & HAS accelerated)that remove soils, while simultaneously depositing a high quality Iron Phosphate coating on steel; also will etch aluminum and galvanized to enhance paint adhesion.
» Paint Lok 600 series - Zinc phosphates that deposit a high quality coating(150 to 250 mg/ft² minimum for spray; 300 mg/ft² minimum for immersion)on steel and galvinized. Also, coatings from 1,500 to 2,500 mg/ft² are possible for break-in, anti-galling, and to hold corrosion inhibitors.
» Paint Lok 700 series - Zirconium oxide coatings that are phosphate-free for use in multi-stage spray washer and immersion systems for processing ferrous, aluminum, and galvinized metals prior to painting.
» Sealers - Products used after iron or zinc phosphate pre-treatment that arenon-chromated, remove unwanted salts from the treated surface, provide increased corrosion protection, and insure a receptive substrate desirable for painting.

Parts cleaning equipment types:
» Multiple stage washers
» Ultrasonics
» Vibratory equipment
» Tumblers
» Sink and Soak tank washers
» High pressure cabinet washers
» Rotation immersion jet-cleaning systems
» Automated conveyor-belt degreasers

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