Asphalt Truck Cleaning Products

asphalt truck cleanerLynx Enterprises has extensive experience working with asphalt companies in providing safe, environmentally friendly, asphalt release agents and truck washes.Lynx specializes in a bulk tank delivery system called DrumBuster™, coupled with foamers, sprayers, and power washers that are can be custom installed for your fleet maintenance needs. Lynx can provide custom installations, including automatic drive-thru systems.

“SLICK-EM HF” Asphalt Release Agent is truly a premium quality product. It utilizes Cutting Edge Technology to provide superior barrier protection to Asphalt Truck Beds. It has been specifically formulated to promote complete release even with the most difficult Super Pave Asphalt mixes. It can be foam applied to eliminate excess puddling, will not emulsify asphalt, and is completely biodegradable.

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